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Profession Bonuses at 85

Part two in my gearing list, I guess. I touched a little bit on some of the profession items in my previous post, but I’d like to delve deeper and get into the bonuses as well as other useful items.

Please take note that some of my HP values will likely confuse you.  Unconfirmed by Blizzard, someone has noted that without Talents or any kind of multiplier, 1 Stamina was giving 14 health in Beta, up from 10.  I will be using both the 14HP and 10HP values for any kind of HP bonus.  The rest of math values are explained and cited at the end of the post.

Unrelated, I should hopefully be making the move to a new site this week if all goes well.



First and foremost, Alchemy has the Mixology bonus attached to it.

Flask of Enhancement – These silly little perma-flasks are meant to be used when not using consumable flasks.  It’s Blizzard’s way of giving Alchemists a permanent bonus without Mixology.  Unfortunately, there is no stam tagged onto this one whether by design or not.  Unaffected by Mixology.  Grants 80 Agility. With that value, it can be assumed the mixology bonus for flasks is 80 of a stat, like it is with other bonuses. I can then safely assume the Stamina mixology bonus on the flask to be 120.

*At this time, the Mixology bonus is only giving 80 stamina(see comments), which makes Alchemy a rather under-budget profession.  I am hoping this is merely a bug.*

What this bonus yields:
200 AP (231 AP Raid Buffed) (80*2*1.25*1.05)
0.246254% Crit (0.2585772% Crit w/ Kings or Mark)
0.328432% Dodge (0.3448536% Dodge w/ Kings or Mark)

-Flasks v. Elixirs:

Flask of Steelskin – Finally an HP flask that doesn’t suck… because it’s stamina.  Love it.
What this yields:
*14HP* 5,142 HP (5,399 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 3,673 HP (3,857 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
Mixology – 120 Stamina
*14HP* 2,057 HP (2,160 HP w/ Kings or Mark) Total of 7,199 (7,559)
*10HP* 1,496 HP (1,543 HP w/ Kings or Mark) Total of 5,169 (5,400)

Flask of the Winds – While I don’t recommend this over Steelskin, it is an option regardless.
What this yields:
750 AP (864.6 AP Raid Buffed) (300*2*1.25*1.05*1.1)
0.92349% Crit (0.9696645% Crit w/ Kings or Mark)
1.23162% Dodge (1.293201% Dodge w/ Kings or Mark)

Elixir of Deep Earth – Guardian Elixir.  To put it bluntly, this thing sucks.
What this yields:
~1.36% Effective Damage Reduction

There really are no good Battle Elixirs this time around.  Using an Elixir Combo will become a survivability loss, as well as a gold sink.  I’d just plain stick with the Flask of Steelskin.


Earthen Potion – It’s sad, but these potions no longer persist for 2 minutes.  Instead, they only last 25 seconds.  If you can time it right, I would still pop one before combat starts so you can have another ready for when you need it.
What this yields:
~6.8% Effective Damage Reduction

Mythical Healing Potion – Another option to use instead of the Earthen.  Typical healing potion.  Personally, I would never use one of these over an armor potion unless I was in dire need of healing and have exhausted my health stone.


Lifebound Alchemist Stone – Not a bad starter trinket for alchemists.  In fact it’s quite good.



Extra socket available to Gloves and Bracers.
What this Bonus yields:
120 Stamina(2x Solid Ocean Sapphire) –
*14HP* 2,057 HP (2,160 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 1,496 HP (1,543 HP w/ Kings or Mark)



Enchant Ring – Greater Stamina
What this Bonus yields:
120 Stamina –
*14HP* 2,057 HP (2,160 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 1,496 HP (1,543 HP w/ Kings or Mark)

-Enchant Overview:


Windwalk – Very obviously a tank enchant, but the 15% movement speed is a bit interesting.  Flavor, I guess?  The proc itself, even if it has high uptime, isn’t all that great.
What this yields:
~3.4% Dodge on proc-before DR.  Start factoring in DR and the percentage lowers.

Mighty Agility – 2h weapon enchant.  This looks more well rounded for Druids.
What this yields:
325 AP (375.375 AP Raid Buffed)
0.4% Crit (0.42% Crit w/ Kings or Mark)
0.5337% Dodge (0.56% Dodge w/ Kings or Mark)

Mending – (because people are going to ask)  Here’s the deal with enchants like these.  They are random and the heal is tiny.  Lifeward and Lifestealing were only good for soloing.  I don’t expect Mending to be much different in that regard.  I would leave this one alone.

Landslide – Another threat enchant.  I imagine its uptime to be roughly similar to Berserk (~30%), which wouldn’t make it a valuable mitigation tool via Savage Defense.
What this yields:
1,250 AP (1,375 AP Raid Buffed) Extra 39.29 base SD absorb


Protection – Given that there are no other options, this is the tank cloak enchant.  Don’t even look at the crit one or I will find your house and break your internet.


Greater Stamina – Standard chest enchant.  Leaves a little bit to be desired; you’ll see why below.
What this yields:
*14HP* 1,286 HP (1,350 HP w/ Kings or Mark) – Approx 135 AP from Vengeance with a 47.25 base SD absorb.
*10HP* 918 HP (964 HP w/ Kings or Mark) – Approx 96 AP from Vengeance with a 33.6 base SD absorb.

Peerless Stats – The other available chest enchant.  While it does give less health, it will give a larger base SD absorb than Greater Stamina, in addition to crit, dodge, and AP.  I can safely say… If you don’t use this, you’re being silly.
What this yields:
*14HP* 343 HP (360 HP w/ Kings or Mark) – Approx 36 AP from Vengeance with a 12.6 Base SD absorb.
*10HP* 245 HP (257 HP w/ Kings or Mark) – Approx 26 AP from Vengeance with a 9 Base SD absorb.
100 AP (115.5 AP Raid Buffed) – 40.4 Base SD absorb
Total SD absorb: 53
0.06% Crit (0.064% Crit w/ Kings or Mark)
0.08% Dodge (0.086% Dodge w/ Kings or Mark)

So, for a cost of ~1k HP (when you see Cata health, you’ll see why this is insignificant), you gain a larger SD absorb, more AP, some crit and some dodge.  It is indeed Peerless.  Oh-ho-ho. (…I’m sorry.)


Dodge – Yes.  A dodge bracer enchant.  Baby Cenarius is screaming bloody murder.  Currently, there is no stamina alternative, and the other options are either Hit or Expertise, which no tank should be enchanting with the advent of reforging (and smart gear selection).
What this yields:
0.28% Dodge – In the words of a friend: Crit-Sigh.


Greater Mastery – Again, really the only good glove enchant.  Other options are strength(no), Expertise(see above), and Haste(the stat we reforge first?).
What this yields:
0.36256 Mastery or 1.45% Bonus to SD


Earthen Vitality – The Tuskarr’s of Cata.  There is no other Stamina option, and the only other option would be Agi enchants.  Runspeed is yummy.
What this yields:
*14HP* 514 HP (540 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 367 HP (386 HP w/ Kings or Mark)


This is a little harder to map out, given that engineering is the quirky friend of the profession world. (She’s got a greeeaaat personality…[and also happens to be psycho! But you didn’t hear it from me.])  Some people just plain love it regardless.

Few things I have noticed for its crafting list: No 85 version of Nitro Boosts; I imagine the 80 version works just fine, no new helm tinker, and no new cloak tinkers.  It’s possible these aren’t implimented yet, I missed them all together, or there are no plans to add them.


Agile Bio-Optic Killshades – This is an interesting turn for Engineering.  It seems the epic crafted shades are roughly equal to tier 11, depending on stats.  I wouldn’t put them ahead of the heroic version just yet, but they are definitely a viable option for offset if you’re an engineer, specifically because you are able to choose which secondary stats you want via the Cogwheels.  In addition, I assume you can replace the cogwheels at any time, so they are extremely flexible to your needs.

Though, the fatal flaw with the engineering helms is, they seem to only last a tier, which is unfortunate.


These little buggers give you 208 rating of your choosing.
Fractured Cogwheel – Mastery
Precise Cogwheel – Expertise
Rigid Cogwheel – Hit
Smooth Cogwheel – Crit
Subtle Cogwheel – Dodge


Grounded Plasma Shield – Fairly large absorb… with a fairly large cooldown.  This thing would be great if the CD were lowered to 2 or 3 minutes, but at the current time, it’s a 5 minute cooldown.  Timed right, it could come in handy.

Quickflip Deflection Plates – On-use armor tinker.  1 minute cooldown.
What this yields:
~2.3% Effective Damage Reduction


Lifeblood – On-use Haste rating.  Honestly, this is fairly useless for any kind of tank.  All it would do is help a tiny bit with rage gain.


Inscription seems to have finally caught up to the other professions in terms of bonuses.  It also seems to be the only place to find a blue-quality relic that doesn’t involve Points or PvP, and it’s BoP.


Silver Inlaid Leaf – As said above, this is a relic that’s fairly equivalent to the Points relic and is Inscription-only.


Inscription of the Earth Prince – Enhanced version of the Therazane shoulder enchant.
What this bonus yields:
120 Stamina –
*14HP* 2,057 HP (2,160 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 1,496 HP (1,543 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
Complete bonus:
*14HP* 3,342 HP (3,510 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 2,387 HP (2,507 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
0.14% dodge


Chimera’s Eyes once again provide one of the stronger bonuses for stats, and should still have JC as one of the top (being trumped by only one profession at this time).


Solid Chimera’s Eye
What this bonus yields:
123 Stamina
*14HP* 2,108 HP (2,214 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 1,506 HP (1,581 HP w/ Kings or Mark)


Figurine – Earthen Guardian – Decent Stam trinket with a decent use.  I’d definitely be using this as a beginner’s trinket, if not further depending on luck.
8.06% Dodge on Use


At this point in Beta testing, Leatherworking is far and away the best profession available for all tanks and all agility-based classes.  Blizzard dropped the ball with wrist enchants (and I hope they pick it up), and Leatherworking blows them away.  I wouldn’t run off to switch to Leatherworking asap, because Blizzard released a stam bracer enchant after Wrath release, so there is still that chance.  But in order for Leatherworking to be brought down from its pedestal, a 75 stam enchant will need to exist.


Draconic Embossment – Stamina – There it is.  An amazing stamina enchant.
What this bonus yields:
*14HP* 3,342 HP (3,510 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 2,387 HP (2,507 HP w/ Kings or Mark)

Charscale Leg Reinforcements – Standard leg enchant for a cheaper materials cost.
What this yields:
*14HP* 2,485 HP (2,610 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 1,775 HP (1,864 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
137.5 AP (158.8 AP Raid Buffed)
0.17% Crit (0.18% Crit w/ Kings or Mark)
0.23% Dodge (0.24% Dodge w/ Kings or Mark)


Still has the stamina bonus attached to it, so it’s a viable tank option.


Toughness – Apparently mining makes you tougher?  Must be all those callouses.
What this bonus yields:
120 Stamina –
*14HP* 2,057 HP (2,160 HP w/ Kings or Mark)
*10HP* 1,496 HP (1,543 HP w/ Kings or Mark)


Did you know that skinning a bear causes every bear within a 100 mile radius to hunt you down and eat your face off?  Poor Jimbob.  Human flesh on my claws?  No, I don’t know what you’re referring to…

Normal Crit Rating bonus, and I would call it lackluster for tanking.


Master of Anatomy – Good old 80 crit rating.
What this bonus yields:
0.45% Crit


Not really a tank profession.  There’s only one bonus, and that bonus is pretty “meh” for tanking, but if you have it, you have it.


Swordguard Embroidery – Only rank 2!  Same deal, chance for AP on proc.
What this bonus yields:
1,250 AP (1,375 AP Raid Buffed) An extra 39.29 base SD absorb


There you have it, folks.  The profession list.  As I said, I will do a quick review of the math involved.  All of my rating values were taken and derived from Whitetooth’s thread: Combat Ratings at level 85(Cataclsym) over at EJ.

Multipliers for Stamina:
Stam * Health(14 or 10) * Bear Form(10%) * Heart of the Wild(6%) * Leather Specialization(5%) [* Kings or Mark(5%)]

Multipliers for Agility/Strength/AP:
Agility/Strength/AP * 2(omit 2 if AP) * Aggression(25%) [* Kings or Mark(5%) * Trueshot Aura Effect(10%)]

Armor Damage Reduction was calculated assuming 50% Damage Reduction (32572.5 armor).  For your own calculations, follow these two formula:

correct way is 1 – (1 – DR_after_elixir)/(1 – DR_before_elixir)

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Incomplete Gearing List for 85

Just a quick post before I go to work.  Here’s a quick run-down of what we’re looking at for rep and a few professions.  I’m still sorting through the dungeon list, and will later go through each item to determine a BiS pre-heroics and pre-raid gearing list.

Missing: Engineering and Inscription items.

Rep Priorities:

The Earthen Ring

Provisioner Arok

-Items of importance –
Signet of the Elder Council (Exalted)
Softwind Cape (Revered)
Arcanum of the Earthen Ring (Revered)


D’lom the Collector
(The Sons of Hodir of Cataclysm – Quest chain in Deepholme will give honored upon completion.  6 Dailies are opened afterwards.  This reputation does have a Tabard this time around.  However, the chain should be done while leveling through Deepholme at 83.)

-Items of Importance-
Terrath’s Signet of Balance (Revered)
Lesser Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz (Honored)
Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz (Exalted)

Wildhammer Clan

Craw MacGraw

-Items of Importance-
Stormbolt Gloves (Exalted)
Swiftflight Leggings (Honored)

Baradin’s Wardens

Quartermaster Brazie

-Items of Importance-
Unsolvable Riddle (exalted)
Mirror of Broken Images (Exalted)
Spear of Trailing Shadows (Revered)
Plus two mounts:
Reins of the Drake of the West Wind (exalted)
Reins of the Spectral Steed (Exalted)

Guardians of Hyjal

Provisioner Whitecloud

-Items of Importance-
Acorn of the Daughter Tree (Revered)
Sly Fox Jerkin (Honored)


Blacksmith Abasi

-Items of Importance-
Quicksand Belt (Revered)
Two mounts:
Reins of the Brown Riding Camel (Exalted)
Reins of the Tan Riding Camel (Exalted)


Assassin’s Chestplate
(3x Pristine Hide, 50x Volatile Shadow, 1x Chaos Orb)
Belt of Nefarious Whispers
(3x Pristine Hide, 30x Volatile Shadow, 1x Chaos Orb)
Razor-Edged Cloak
(3x Pristine Hide, 5x Volatile Fire, 5x Volatile Water, 8x Blackened Dragonscale)

Band of Blades
(4x Elementium Bar, 4x Chimera Eye, 4x Demonseye, 75x Volatile Air)
Elementium Destroyer’s Ring
(4x Elementium Bar, 4x Chimera Eye, 4x Demonseye, 75x Volatile Air)
Brazen Elementium Medallion
(4x Elementium Bar, 4x Chimera Eye, 4x Amberjewel, 75x Volatile Water)
Entwined Elementium Choker
(4x Elementium Bar, 4x Chimera Eye, 4x Amberjewel, 75x Volatile Water)

Lifebound Alchemy Stone

Darkmoon Faire
Darkmoon Card: Earthquake
Darkmoon Card: Hurricane

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Possibly Moving

And by moving, I mean switching blog hosting sites.  Not being able to use mouseover links from Wowhead creates serious design flow problems in my blog and I don’t like it.  I’ve been going through cata.wowhead to get a jump on item lists and it would be so damn nice to have the mouseover feature for that kind of post.

I’ll keep you posted, but as soon as I find a site that supports it, I will be relocating.

Pain in my ass. :(

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Beta stats – Before the changes

This is before the stamina / mastery changes on beta. I’m only posting this for my own reference later on, and so you can see the huge difference between bears and the other tanks. These are all premades with heroic level blues. All the gear is gemmed and enchanted in the same manner. I went for socket bonuses that I thought were worth it.  All stats are unbuffed and in proper stances/forms.

Also note, that block is NOT avoidance like dodge and parry are. Block is shaving off 30% of physical damage on a blocked hit, hence why Bears have SD and DKs now have Blood Shield.

Bear stats
HP: 130283
Agi: 3079
Stamina: 9093
Armor: 31806
Dodge: 28.56%

Paladin Stats:
HP: 120215
Str: 2670
Stamina 7711
Armor: 35462 (without devo – 39538 with)
Dodge: 11.92%
Parry: 13.79%
Total avoidance: 25.71%
Block: 41.34%

Death Knight stats:
HP: 123365
Str: 2789
Stam: 8026
Armor: 36750
Dodge: 8.61%
Parry: 15.38%
Total avoidance: 23.99%

Warrior Stats:
HP: 119145
Str: 2577
Stam: 8310
Armor: 35462
Dodge: 10.39%
Parry: 14.01%
Total Avoidance: 24.40%
Block: 38.05%


I do this, again, to show the massive lead that bears have both health and avoidance-wise.  Not to mention, the incredible scaling that SD has with HP and Vengeance so they are very far ahead of the other 3.  That is nowhere near balanced.  Bears take less damage without even trying.

Now, the 65-35% SD “nerf” was coming.  Bear mastery still scales from Vengeance AP.  What this change did was bring us down to Warrior and Paladin, with, more than likely, a slight lead on physical mitigation.

The stamina nerf, while painful, was somewhat necessary.  We do not have “less” than the other tanks.  I should still like to have more health, even if it’s 1% more, but it is what it is.  If we were over-nerfed, and it will be noticeable with raid testing, we will be brought back up.

You may also notice the ~4k armor difference that we have.  We take 2% less damage from our forms than Paladins and Warriors. DKs have the lead with 2% less than Bears, and 4% less with Paladins and Warriors.

Druids: 12% Damage reduction from Natural Reaction
Warriors: 10% Damage reduction from Defensive Stance
Paladins: 10% Damage reduction from Sanctuary
Death Knights: 8% Damage reduction from Blood Presence, 6% from Blade Barrier for a total of 14%

Now after looking through all of this… And noting that DKs have a similar mastery to us, you may think that DKs are now THE tank. And with the changes… they will be. The problem here is, there hasn’t been enough DK representation in Beta raid testing to make a numbers adjust. If they are not nerfed before Cata, chances are they will be by the end of the first tier of raiding.

This is the absolute closest I, and others, have seen tank balance in terms of damage taken. While the stamina hit still stings, it’s too early to be crying wolf.

Also, Survival Instincts was brought up to have a 3 minute CD. Still 50%, still 12 sec duration.

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