4T10 Set Bonus

The set bonus is not broken.

While 4T10 is equipped, you will not take an extra 10% physical damage when Enrage is active, despite what that pesky buff tooltip says.  Guess what?  The old one said Enrage reduced armor.  4T10’s bonus text was not updated to reflect the change of Enrage.  Enraged Defense will always give you 12% damage reduction from all sources of damage, including physical.

There is a simple, very effective, test for this:  Have someone duel you and punch you with no weapons, trinkets, or AP increasing items(AV Rep ring) equipped.  Just let him keep punching you.  Take note of the amount of damage you were taking.  Take that amount and subtract 12% from it (or multiply the damaging amount by .12 and subtract that value from the original).  Use Enrage while getting punched.  The amount of damage you’re taking while under Enraged Defense should reflect the answer you received above, which is exactly 12% damage reduction.

I used a Hunter for this experiment.  I used his pet afterwards to confirm.  I was getting hit for 206, meaning a 12% damage reduction would be ~181.  I used Enrage, and I was getting hit for 180-182.

Again, the set bonus is not broken.  All it is is a case of un-updated tooltip, which Blizzard is notorious for.  You can relax, I promise.

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6 Responses to 4T10 Set Bonus

  1. Zanpher says:

    Oh, i thought AP were removed from the game …

    • Reesi says:

      AP as a stat on gear is gone, yes, but not completely. There is still AP on the character sheet, and items that have procs/effects that increase AP still exist.

  2. katjia says:

    alternatively, test by popping halfway through a DoT?

    assuming you don’t get something unlucky like all non-crits before you hit Enrage, and all crits after you hit it and don’t feel like mathing out wierd crit multipliers :P

  3. Wildpaw says:

    Good to know; I’ve been afraid of using my enrage button..

  4. Heya RI! -Warstehdruid here and I’ll be following you as closely here and hopefully bringing in the new expac as an 80 bear druid rather than my current 80 Paladin tank.

    Glad to see you’re here and hopefully the blog will get the recognition you deserve! Keep up the good work!


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