UIs are a Pain

Which druid spent the past 4 1/2 hours redoing her UI?

This one.  Got a few requests to see what my UI looked like… and I didn’t really like what I had currently.  So?  Built from the ground up.  Woo. Hoo.  It took way longer than anticipated, but I believe I like the end result.  I just need to see combat functionality before I decide if I need to move some things around.

This is how it all started:


Frames and bars and buffs and everything everywhere. Madness.

Then? I had a breakthrough with my Unit Frame. I still have NO idea how I managed to get it to look like it does. I was pretty much sliding everything everywhere with random bars and Ooooh pretty picture! and different widths and heights and WHY IS THIS IMAGE OFF TO THE SIDE– Oh! OH HEY! I like that!


Position the unit frames juuuust right….


Finish off the cooldown monitors (luckily I still kind of like my power auras), and presto! Combat:

I’ll get up an in-raid screen shot when I get the chance. For now… I’m tired of staring at menus and sliders and trying to get just the right size and position.. Eeek.

Editing in what mods I’m using:

Shadowed Unit Frames
Satrina’s Buff Frames
Sexy Map
Prat – Chat mod
ButtonFacade: Caith
Forte Xorcist – Cooldown timer and spell timer
Power Auras – Pretty shiny things
ErrorFilter – That ability isn’t ready yet!
TidyPlates: Threat Plates
TipTac – Tooltip mod
Vengeance Status
RaidComp(can’t see) – Provides raid specs and who’s providing/can provide which buff
Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text
DXE (Deus Vox Encounters) – Boss mod

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23 Responses to UIs are a Pain

  1. Warscreamer says:

    damn… looks nice!
    BTW which addon you use to monitor bear abilities?
    I recently switched my main/of spec and I need something well tested for bears

  2. Wildpaw says:

    Looks very similar to mine! :D Great minds…

  3. Icedragon says:

    Looks pretty spiffy! I love that you “accidentally” figured out your unit frames. That’s how my actionbars fell into place as well. Sometimes it just takes a little fumbling around to get it right :)

  4. Heya Ri! Warstehdruid here again.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Tuk Ui, but it’s what I’ve used for a while, nothing to manually set up and it’s perfect out of the box.

    It’s simplistic, and easy enough to add an omen/skada/threatplates/ForteXorcist and whatnot to it without clumping things up.

    I used to config pitbull3-4 and all my ui elements myself, but after many sessions like your recent one, I made the switch to tukui and wow is it sleek and beautiful.

    do a google search for tukui or check out http://www.tukui.org

    Though, grats on the sleek lookin ui! Good stuff!

    Have fun!

    • Reesi says:

      I have looked at Tuk’s… I pretty much don’t like the fact that I can’t tweak it too much without knowing LUA. I think it’s a very nice UI, but it’s just not my style. :P

      • Yeah, absolutely understand that, scared me off for a few. They have an in-game config for it now though, which is pretty nice compared to having to use notepad++ in the .config file!

        Have fun though! Nice lookin ui again!

  5. Erinys says:

    What are your buff bars there? Or is that just a reskin of the basics?

  6. Luvaria says:

    I’ve done my UI so many times and I’ve still never found a setup that I’m completely happy with. The biggest problems for me are the Mini Map, raid frames, and finding a place for DXE bars that doesn’t block half my screen. I’ve been using NeedToKnow for timers as I hate setting up Forte, and I have to do too much searching for certain timers in it, it feels like. Instead, with NTK, I know what each bar is by color and it’s always in the exact same spot.

    Anyway, with everything pulled out, this is what I gave up with –

  7. Bonseymane says:

    Any possible chance of you uploading your UI at some point? I myself am using a premade UI which is ROTH’s UI on wowinterface.com just with my tweaks with different addons thrown in and I’m always looking for something different to try. I do like the way you have everything setup as well very clean.

  8. Aethera says:

    Not goanna lie, every time I read a post on here, you make me want to bear tank again!
    (And of course, nice UI. :P )

  9. Erutaron says:

    Great UI, I had a similar layout for a very long time but I just couldn’t justify keeping a big center section for raid frames as I am a 10 man raider, but I had to keep a space for 25 man for those times I would PUG. I do really miss having it there though, as there is more to tell from those little raid frames than health bars at this point.

    Any chance at getting your power auras export? I like the theme you have going on, though personally I would probably drop the transparency a little bit, it’s hard enough for me to see magically there one second gone the next AOE on the ground.

    Also, I really hope you keep with the blogging. My bear resources are really low these days with so many former heavyweights hanging up their blogging keyboards lately. Bookmarked and waiting for more! (referred by BBB)

  10. Onebaddude says:

    bbb gave u a shout out on his blog. im checking u out. keep up the good work.

  11. anez says:

    Could you post an export of your poweraura’s abilities?

    Did you find a fix for mangle bear detection?

  12. Rustafur says:

    Have you seen Garwulf’s (from huntmanslodge.com) UI? It seems to be similar to what you are driving for. Despite the fact that it’s a UI designed by a hunter, it’s a very clean and playable UI for just about any class. I’ve used this UI with Bear and Hunter, and have even messed around with a DK and 68 Shaman in this and the UI works wonderfully for all of them. For example all I’ve done to customize the UI toward Bear tanking is added Debufs to the Target Frame, added some things to NeedToKnow, and put in a few custom PowerAura settings, and VOILA!

    He’s still tweaking a few components to make the whole thing fully 4.0.1 ready, but that final release should be coming any day now :)

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  14. Zandrinn says:

    I noticed that you first 5 action buttons all appear to be macros. Yet you say you don’t use many, would you care to share?

    • Reesi says:

      Mangle, Lac and Swipe (I don’t remember if I did Pulverize) all with Maul macro’d into them. FFF has my rocket gloves in it, though I’m considering moving that elsewhere to use it on CD. Bash has a shift modifier for Skull Bash.

      I have a Raging Spirit target macro, a Bear Form powershift macro and my rocket boosts are shift macro’d into Charge.

      Engineering is win, btw.

      • Zandrinn says:

        ahh o.k. thanks

        I have been playing since Vanilla but my main has always been my lock and I am switching come cata to my druid. Yours and Lissanna’s information have helped greatly in that endeavor.

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