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I’ve moved!  (Make sure you update your RSS feeds.) Almost. Seems I have the unfortunate issue of my home ISP not being able to connect to my host server’s IP address, resulting in nothing but a time out when … Continue reading

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Profession Bonuses at 85

Part two in my gearing list, I guess. I touched a little bit on some of the profession items in my previous post, but I’d like to delve deeper and get into the bonuses as well as other useful items. … Continue reading

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Incomplete Gearing List for 85

Just a quick post before I go to work.  Here’s a quick run-down of what we’re looking at for rep and a few professions.  I’m still sorting through the dungeon list, and will later go through each item to determine … Continue reading

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Possibly Moving

And by moving, I mean switching blog hosting sites.  Not being able to use mouseover links from Wowhead creates serious design flow problems in my blog and I don’t like it.  I’ve been going through cata.wowhead to get a jump on … Continue reading

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Beta stats – Before the changes

This is before the stamina / mastery changes on beta. I’m only posting this for my own reference later on, and so you can see the huge difference between bears and the other tanks. These are all premades with heroic … Continue reading

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