Frequently Asked Questions

Q: They broke my 4T10, WHAT THE HELL?
A: No, no they didn’t. It is still 12% damage reduction. All it is is a failed tooltip update, which with blizzard, is nothing new.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a simple test: Get someone to punch you from behind. Make sure they d not have any weapon equipped, any trinkets equipped, or the AV rep ring equipped. Take note of the damage being taken. Hit enrage. Take note of the damage being taken. Take the non-enraged damage and subtract 12% from it. It should match, within 1 or 2 damage, the damage being taken with Enrage up.

Q: What happened to my AP?
A: Several things. Attack Power, as a stat on gear, is gone. Feral Attack Power is gone. All feral abilities are calculated with weapon damage like normal melee.

Q: What happened to Armor Penetration?
A: Blizzard deemed ArP to be “too mathy” and so removed it from the game completely.

Q: What happened to Defense?
A: Plate tanks whined about Defense cap too much (okay, not the real reason…). All Tanks are now uncrittable through talents. Defense gear is a thing of the past.

Q: Why should we listen to you?
A: To avoid egotistical responses… Because I love bears. I love tanking. It is the most satisfying part of this game to me, and as such, I strive to do it the best that I can. This involves lots of theorycrafting, lots of research, and lots of experience in game.

Q: Where did all my Armor go??? QQQQ
A: Your armor is fine. All base armor on gear has been buffed, so that non-tanks aren’t as squishy. To compensate, tank armor coefficients have been reduced. Don’t forget, Agility also lost its ability to grant armor. Trust me. You’re fine.

Q: Pulverize consuming Lacerate is stupid! There should be a glyph that stops this!
A: No, no it isn’t, and no there shouldn’t be. Building Lacerate gives us something to do during Mangle cooldowns. If Pulverize were to suddenly consume no stacks, what do you think would happen? Stack Lacerate to 3 and do nothing but spam Mangle and Pulverize while refreshing Lac before it falls. No thanks.

Q: What do I reforge to?
A: Haste into Mastery. There isn’t really a crit point where it becomes better to reforge that into mastery. Honestly, for the next two months you could reforge to spirit and be fine. If you’re having major threat problems, reforge crit/haste into hit and expertise. If you aren’t doing major content, you could even reforge haste into dodge, since your SD bubble will probably absorb enough all the time.


6 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Moo says:

    Good one, thank you very much for compiling this :)

  2. Nelimon says:


    Congrats on a great guide. I’ve used this to get over my fear of tanking in 4.0.1 after failing quiet miserably before that.

    I must confess that when I read it, i started to have a sense of de ja vue. Then I realised that I’d read this all before – you’ve posted this on the Wow official forums too!

    A suggestion if I may: How about adding a section for essential addons for tanking? I know thats tanking-101, but many new tanks will read this guide and letting them know to have omen + DBM + TidyPlates/ThreatPlates will make their lives a lot easier.

    PS Thanks to BBB, you have a new RSS subscriber in me :)

  3. Spenta says:

    Thanks for compiling this guide. Good, comprehensive guides are hard to come by since 4.0.

    I do have one comment about the last FAQ entry. You have noted that haste should be reforged into mastery and that there “isn’t really a crit point where it becomes better to reforge that into mastery.” While I agree with you that until Cataclysm, reforging isn’t an issue, the folks over on EJ forums have calculated the point where reforging crit is more beneficial. It seems that if an item has ~1.2x more crit than it has haste, it’s better to reforge crit. We’re splitting hairs though…

  4. Fildrigar says:

    Yes, thank you very much for this guide. I’ve been doing cat DPS for quite a while, and would like to start tanking Heroics. ( And perhaps leading into some of the easier raids. )

    To properly tank higher end stuff, I’m really going to need to re-gem everything, right? I’m not going to be able to skate by with just re-gemming a few pieces of gear, am I?

  5. Beldiih says:

    That you for this guide. I’ve been wanting to Tank now for a while but I didn’t have the time to do the proper research, and I never could find many places for information.

    As a Moonkin I’ve appreciated the format and explanations found on the Graymatter site. I haven’t done much looking around for Tank info since Cat released but as far as I can tell this looks done in the same fashion as Graymetter’s. Easy to read and understand.

    Again, Thank you.

  6. Matojo says:

    Oh geez, yes, thank you for this. Very thorough, very easy read.

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