Stats, Gearing, and Reforging



In no order of importance:

Grants AP, Crit, and Dodge. No longer grants Armor.
1 Agi = 2.1624 AP
1 Agi = 0.0129744% Crit
1 Agi = 0.02404% Dodge

Grants attack power. Not an amazing stat for Bears, as it only grants AP and nothing else.
1 Str = 2.1624 AP

Grants HP. The more stamina, the better.
1 Sta = 14.4375 Health (Bear form * Heart of the Wild * Leather Specialization)
1 Sta = 15.159375 Health (Above + Mark or Kings)

Critical Strike Rating
Increases chance to crit. With Savage Defense being bumped down to a 50% chance on crit, Crit will become a larger part in gearing. Currently, crit levels are high enough to where this should be a non-issue with the Pulverize buff, and it is still a mediocre stat for threat.
1 CritRating = 0.022% Crit
45.91 CritRating = 1% Crit

Increases attack speed.
32.7899985 = 1% Haste

Dodge Rating
Increases chance to dodge.
1 Dodge Rating = 0.0220982% Dodge
45.2525 Dodge Rating = 1% Dodge

Hit Rating
Increases chance to hit. Still important for threat, but not important enough to need to be capped. Hit cap is 247 across the board. Heroic Presence is now Draenei exclusive(and rumors of being removed anyway) and does not affect party members.
30.75476 Hit Rating = 1% Hit

Expertise Rating
Decreases an enemy’s chance to dodge and parry. Should still aim for the dodge cap (26 expertise) through gear.
30.75479 Expertise Rating = 1% reduction in dodge & parry chance

Cap vs Level 80 mob = 5.0% (Dodge) / 5.0% (Parry) = 153.77 (20) / 153.77 (20) Expertise Rating
Cap vs Level 81 mob = 5.2% (Dodge) / 5.2% (Parry) = 159.92 (21) / 159.92 (21) Expertise Rating
Cap vs Level 82 mob = 5.4% (Dodge) / 5.4% (Parry) = 166.08 (22) / 166.08 (22) Expertise Rating (Heroics)
Cap vs Level 83 mob = 6.5% (Dodge) / 14% (Parry) = 199.91 (26) / 430.57 (56) Expertise Rating (Raid Bosses)

Mastery Rating
Increases your Mastery. Points in Mastery increase the effect of Savage Defender. This is a very important stat.
45.91 Mastery Rating = 1 Mastery

Decreases the amount of physical damage you take.
1 Armor = 3.2186 Armor (Bear + Thick Hide)
1 Armor = 3.282972 Armor (Bear + Thick Hide + Meta Gem)

81-85: DR % = Armor / (Armor + 400 + 85 * (AttackerLevel + 4.5 * (AttackerLevel – 59) + 20 * (AttackerLevel – 80)))

Armor cap (75% DR) for Lvl83 Boss mobs = 65205 Armor


Up until Cataclysm, gearing will be largely the same. The only major difference is the ability to use AGI accessories (cloak, neck, rings) in place of tank accessories. Stamina is still the main stat. Everything you’ve heard about healer mana only counts for levels 81-85, so you will not have to drastically change your gear around.

Idols, or Relic items (as they are now) have been changed to nothing more than stat sticks. This makes the 264 slot the clear winner.

Bonus armor on items has been drastically reduced. Things like Bile-Encrusted Medallion and Devium’s Eternally Cold Ring still have green “bonus” armor, but it’s been reduced by 500 or more AC.

Should you use agility accessories? Yes. Can you still use tank accessories? Yes. There is major flexibility. Unless there is an item with major bonus armor (that hasn’t been nerfed to the ground, which is everything available for the xpac), Agility will be your best bet for both threat and survivability. That doesn’t mean downgrade to an agility piece right away. I’m still using 2 strength/dodge items because I don’t have an acceptable replacement available to me. That is to say, I have nothing of equal iLvl to fill those slots.


Nifty little system here. Simplistic in its design, and you can’t really screw it up.

I’ll ellaborate: Reforging lets you take the green stats on an item (Haste, Crit, Exp, Hit, Mastery, Dodge, Parry, Spell Pen, and Spirit), and re-allocate a portion of those itemization points into an equal value of another stat. You cannot reforge to something that is already included on that piece of armor. You cannot reforge to any primary stats (Agi, Str, Sta, Int). You can only reforge one secondary stat on any piece of gear.

How do you reforge? Ask a guard. No, really. There are Reforging NPCs in all the Major Cities (I think, anyway, if not, Stormwind / Orgrimmar do). Talk to them and drag a piece of gear you want to change into the available interface. The stats will come up, along with two drop down menus. The menu on the left lets you choose which stat you want to change. The menu on the right lets you choose which stat you want it to change to. Reforging costs as much as the vendor-value the item has.

The great thing about Reforging is that if your stats change, you can completely reverse the stat switch and change it to something else.

Example: You have a piece of gear that is Agility, Stamina, Crit, and Expertise. You don’t need really need the Expertise, but could use more hit. So, you drag that item into the interface. Select Expertise from the left, then select Hit Rating on the right and click “Reforge”. There. Part of your Expertise has been reforged into Hit. So now the piece reads: Agility, Stamina, Crit, Expertise, Hit.

What do you reforge to? Honestly, you could reforge to Spirit and be fine. You have many options available, with the first stat to go being Haste. If you’re having threat problems, reforge for more Expertise and Hit. If you want to avoid more, reforge to Dodge. If you want to see larger absorbs on your Savage Defense, reforge to mastery.

Personally, I zerged Mastery rating, but keep in mind I also tank heavy hitting content.