Threat Generation, and Macros


**Disclaimer** Due to the nature of major patches, and the nature of Vengeance, the rotations are subject to change at any time because they are so volatile. Please check the change log often. I apologize for any inconvenience in this matter.

If you didn’t read my spell changes above, read this now. Berserk now has 2 effects for Bears. The first is the on-use spell that causes Mangle to have no cooldown and hit 2 additional targets for X amount of seconds. This is always what it has been.

The second is what is more important. The second ability is a passive bonus that allows your Lacerate ticks to proc Berserk(NOT the on-use spell). This proc will reset the cooldown on your Mangle ability and it will cost no rage. So, if Mangle is on cooldown for 4 more seconds, and you get a Berserk proc, you can hit Mangle again, thus starting the 6 second cooldown again.

This random buff will cause an organized chaos in your rotation, because essentially you are getting a Free Mangle randomly while doing your rotation. As such, the Bear rotation will become a list of threat priorities rather than something that is static. Mangle is the anchoring point. Its damage and, by extension, its threat has been increased to the point where it is mandatory to react to Berserk procs and Mangle cooldown.

New Spell: Pulverize – Deals 120% weapon damage plus additional (404 * 120 / 100) damage for each of your Lacerate applications on the target, and increases your melee critical strike chance by 3% for each Lacerate application consumed for 10 sec.
Talented: Pulverize buff lasts 18 seconds via Endless Carnage.

Pulverize is an interesting little mechanic. It consumes the 1 thing that gives your rotation more threat: Lacerate (and by extension, Berserk procs). That can be worked around with good timing and planning.

Maul – Maul now costs 30 rage to use. This is significant when choosing to use it. It has a 3 second cooldown and is off the GCD. Use Maul when you have over 60 rage, at the least. Try and use Maul when you have a Clearcasting proc. Early on in a fight, Maul’s TPR is very bland. Start stacking vengeance, and it will begin to hit fairly hard.

You can Maul on CD on raid bosses. Most people are reporting little-to-no rage problems.

Faerie Fire(Feral) – Unfortunately, FFF’s threat has dropped below our other abilities. Using it in a time of little-to-no rage (below 15) is better than doing nothing at all, and aside from refreshing the debuff, is the only time it should be pushed.

Single Target

Alright. Down to business. The threat priority list is as follows:

Mangle / Berserk Procs
At least 1 Lacerate up
Swipe on CD
Lacerate as filler
Pulverize at 3 stack of Lacerate
FFF with low-rage situations

Maul is to be used as often as you can while your rage permits it.

What this means is this: Mangle is the absolute, number 1 priority. If Lacerate is not on the target, apply one stack. If swipe is off CD, use it. Lacerate for filler. If you have 3 stacks of Lacerate and Mangle and Swipe are on CD, use Pulverize. You do want to keep the Pulverize buff uptime as high as possible.

I’m receiving my values and data from this spread sheet:

I highly trust Tangendyn’s opinion and research and can’t thank him enough for his contributions.

Additionally, his thread with some good discussion:

AoE Threat

Well, it happened. Swipe Spam is gone. Swipe is now on a 6second cooldown AND costs 30 rage. AoE tanking will be a major pain until Cataclysm hits and we get Thrash at 81. C’est la vie, right?

The best approximation of AoE threat is this: Swipe on Cooldown, Mangle the Primary Target, Tab Lacerate otherwise. Maul if you have the Rage and it won’t interfere with the rage for Swipe (I.E. more than 60 rage). You WILL have to tab target in order to maintain threat. You will probably lose threat to DPS that don’t care what they do. It’s an unfortunate side-effect that will be rectified when they can’t go through heroics in Cataclysm without cooperation.

Start marking Skulls. DPS that don’t focus and work with the tank will die. DPS that think they can operate the same way they have been for all of Wrath will die. That’s all there is to it.


I don’t have very many… But I will post the one most of you are wondering about. That is the Maul macro. Yes, you can still have Maul macro’d to your attacks since it IS off the GCD and can be used with other attacks.

The biggest change is that you will want a modifier condition even more if you happen to be low on rage (which doesn’t seem to be all that often, tbh).

Please take note that Blizzard has changed the syntax (again!) to many of the Bear and Cat abilities. The correct syntax is now (Bear Form), with no space between the parenthesis and the ability. Example: Mangle(Bear Form)

#showtooltip <Spell Name Goes Here>
/cast [nomod] Maul
/cast Mangle(Bear Form) *** Use any spell name here.

The [nomod] condition is really nice to have. If you ever find yourself starved and don’t want to hit maul, all you need to do is hold down Shift, Alt, or Ctrl while pressing your hot key and Maul will NOT fire off.

/cast [mouseover, harm, exists, nodead] lacerate; lacerate