The Visual Vault

Hello, and welcome to the little corner of TIB that is dedicated to videos, random screen shots, streams, and perhaps(in the future!) tutorials.

There, very obviously, is almost no content.  Why?  There’s not much to be done a month before xpac in regards to these kinds of things.  I hope to fill the sub-pages with lots of content while progressing through Cataclysm.

Videos  –  The video section will provide a posting spot for any kill videos I, or Drow, will record during progression.  And, currently, whatever misshapen thing I happen to record and use to get used to making videos.

Screen Shots – As it implies… The page will be me posting screen shots.  For no reason other than I take lots of screen shots.  Any of them that I care to share (and it’s a wide spectrum), I will be posting here.

Live Streams – There will be two streams, at least initially.  One is my own personal stream that I will be doing during initial phases of Heroics (may even see me pvp… yeah-right), as well as streaming raids.  Keep in mind, raid streaming will only occur after we’ve gotten kills and/or have cleared a raid zone.  The second stream is a Final Fantasy 14 stream that my boyfriend hosts, that is apparently rising in population.  I figured I’d give him more of a boost.

Tutorials  –  This… I’m not too positive on.  First I’d have to get past my distaste for hearing myself talk.  Second, I’m not even sure what kind of Tutorials I’d make.  We’ll see.  ;P


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