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Beta stats – Before the changes

This is before the stamina / mastery changes on beta. I’m only posting this for my own reference later on, and so you can see the huge difference between bears and the other tanks. These are all premades with heroic … Continue reading

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Feral Changes Looming in Cataclysm

I’m not normally doom and gloom about major class changes, but right now I am too tired to think and am seething with anger at the same time, so this post is anything but rational. Zarhym recently posted up and … Continue reading

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On Weapons and Gearing

Been seeing quite a few threads recently questioning what the best weapons to use are now, what kind of gearing we’re looking at for cata, what kind of trinkets we should be using, etc.  There hasn’t been much that changed … Continue reading

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Failed social experiments. As soon as I figure out why my monster computer is lagging all to hell when I’m trying to format this video…  I’ll have a H.LK 25 kill video posted.  I need to get into the habit … Continue reading

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Power Aura Exports

Quick post for my power auras since I’ve gotten several requests.  This is in response to my UI post. Clearcasting – (White darts) Version:3.0.0W; icon:Spell_Shadow_ManaBurn; buffname:Clearcasting; texture:7; alpha:1; combat:true; size:2.53; torsion:1.15 Berserk – (Orange Paw) Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on … Continue reading

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